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Birthdate:Aug 23
This is a journal for talking about my fetish life.

Interests (46):

any or all of the following, being dominated, being plugged, being restrained, bite masks, bondage, buttplugs, collars, crotchstraps, dependency, dive harnesses, dive masks, diving gear, dubcon, facemasks, feeling stuffed, feeling uncomfortably full, flippers, floating, forced breeding, full-body suits, gags, gasmasks, harnesses, heavy breathing, helplessness, inflation, mmmphing, neoprene, objectification, rebreathers, rubber suits, scuba fetish, scuba gear, skintight suits, squirming, straitjackets, straps, stretchy rubber, struggling, swim fins, tentacles, total enclosure, underwater sex, wetsuits, xenophilia
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